DfMA System

The iMax Modular Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction – PPVC System

1) Introduction: Prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) accelerates construction time significantly. Dust and noise pollution are minimized as more activities are done off-site. With the bulk of the installation works and manpower moved off-site to a factory controlled environment, site safety will improve.

2) By off-site, it means the manufacturing of PPVC modules are produced and assembled in a factory. The engineer designed and transformed the single  steel component, galvanized in the factory and assembled, to form two-dimensional structural frames and then further refined into a three-dimensional (3D) modules in multiples to form a high-rise building.

3) Prefinished, these modules are prefinished in the factory in six sided completely with all architectural finishes, electrical fittings, plumbing and sanitary fixtures, before delivering to the site for installation like a LEGO assembly.

4) When On-site, these modules are installed rapidly as all the connections    are performed at the roof level of each module. It interconnects top, bottom   and adjacent modules within a short period of time. No internal fastenings are required for iMax “Candle-Loc” connection system, easy to handle and installation is faster. This allows all six sided interior finishes to be fully completed within a module.

5) Safety: An efficient lifting and installation method brings greater productivity and value to a project, making sure all safety aspects and procedures are carefully planned and executed on site. Imax Modular reinvents the modular barricade cage to provide all round safety for workers working on height and within a barricaded working platform. Method statement and procedures are approved prior to any lifting operation is performed at the site.

6) Productivity:  The iMax Candle-Loc PPVC system is known to reduce on-site labour and time, bringing  an early completion to a project with higher quality.

We aim to bring rapid deployment and cost-effective DfMA to the world.