About iMax

Innovative Modular Systems builder, possible with over 30 years of experience.

iMax Modular Pte Ltd is based in Singapore.

Our Founder capitalized on his 30 years of modular systems expertise, have been constantly & creatively thinking “Out of the Box” in finding new modern ways, to building innovative and yet functional homes using modular systems.

Using our patented Candle-Loc technology, we are able to build systems like Solitaire Modular Home, PopUp Home, Xpandable Home, Smart Volumetric, Dormitory, Hostel, School as well as Hotel, all over different part of the world.


Modular Home

The Instant Mobile Home to anywhere in the world. Easily Re-locatable and ready to use. All these without compromising the living standard of the house.

PopUp Home

Modular Home

PopUp Homes are fully furnished internally and uniquely raised upwards to form a double volume living space. Check out our projects gallery and be amaze by beautiful interior and living space.

Dormitory and Hostel

PPVC - Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction

Our PPVC Dormitory can be built faster than before and also cost effectively.

School & Hotel

Modular System

With our patented Candle Loc design, no fastening of connections is done INSIDE the module. Module internal can be PREFINISHED completely before delivering to the site for installation.